Maycee Vinae Photography

Greyson + Gabby | Wedding Photography

  Hello everyone! So July 7th my two good friends got married; then a few days later they celebrated with family and friends. I got to take their portraits in the good-ole town of Groton! Just when I thought I exhausted all possible shooting locations, we spotted some...

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Justin + Jes | Wedding Photography

  Hey Ya'll! A few weekends ago we got to officially welcome a very special woman and two adorable girls to the family. It was a day for celebration to say the least. Not many brides would bare the mosquitos, scorching sun, and over half-mile walk in high...

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Lindsey | Boudoir Photography

  Hello friends, A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having the gorgeous Lindsay in front of my camera. Being fairly new to the boudoir world, I will admit I was a bit nervous; but I honestly don't think it could have went any better!...

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