Erika | Senior Photography

Erika | Senior Photography


Hi gang,

When I found out Erika wanted a stream in the background for a few of her senior portraits I was a little curious how it was going to pan out. It’s been super dry in South Dakota and Aberdeen really only has one stream- Moccasin Creek. Well the most photogenic spot along there is by the soccer fields and with the way the sun was positioned we needed to be on the side where some houses sit.

We stuck close to the water’s edge on the way there so we wouldn’t get in trouble for going through peoples’ yards. Well there was this super pretty willow tree probably 10 feet from the creek so I thought if we just take a couple quick shots there, the homeowner shouldn’t mind. Turns out the guy who owns the lot is really good friends with my boyfriend’s parents. We had only seen each other once or twice so the connection didn’t click until later that day. So a big thank you to Jeff for being a nice guy and letting us use the edge of your yard- even though I should have asked before hand!

I am really glad Erika’s mom and sister could join us for pictures. Not only to help with wardrobe changes and sometimes act as my assistant but to share in the fun experience. My mom and sister came along to my senior session and I remember having a blast- keep that in mind while planning!

I quickly found out Erika is a natural in front of the camera. The combination of that and her adorable outfits made for some awesome pictures and my job super easy! I am excited for you guys to keep scrolling and see the outcome! 🙂

Erika- thanks so much for the fun session; best of luck in your senior year!


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