Lon, Deardra, & Hayden | Family & Engagement Photography

Lon, Deardra, & Hayden | Family & Engagement Photography


Hello everyone,

I hope you are having an amazing Monday! This was the third year I have photographed Deardra and Hayden. The circumstances were a little different this year though; instead of just doing some updated family pictures this was also an engagement session. Lon and Deardra got engaged the end of June and he will officially be part of the family October 28th. I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding!

Every year Hayden has had the same star boots on for pictures just a size bigger; turns out Deardra had found the last pair at a garage sale. That’s a pretty cool coincidence!

Whenever we do their pictures the request is always a rustic/country background. My dad rents a hay field just north of Aberdeen with a bunch of old farm equipment laying around so that worked perfectly for their portraits. Hayden is a John Deere guy but he sucked it up and sat in front of the red swather for a couple pictures.

We did all the family portraits first then once those were done Hayden got to hang with Grandma Tammy and drink his chocolate milk while we were finishing up engagement pictures. We did most of those by a paint-chipped old house. Hayden was taking pictures of it and in one of the shots there was a red glow in a window! Spooooooky!

This is the first year we haven’t had to fight off mosquitoes and edit out big red bumps on Hayden’s face from a few bites. It was, however, quite hot outside. Once the session was over everyone’s plan was to head to Twist Cone for some ice cream to cool off.

Lon, Deardra, & Hayden- thanks so much for another fun session; I am really looking forward to capturing you tie the knot in October!



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