Lon + Deardra | Wedding Photography

Lon + Deardra | Wedding Photography


Hello friends,

Happy Tuesday! I am excited you are here because I have some gorgeous pictures to show you. The last Saturday in October was not only the weekend to celebrate Halloween, but also the weekend to celebrate Lon and Deardra becoming one! The girls had to put up with shivering in their dresses during pictures because it was chilly outside but the guys were fine since they had suit jackets on. All-in-all, it was still a wonderful day to get married!

The ceremony and reception both took place at the Ward Plaza Crystal Ballroom in Aberdeen, SD. I am a little sad because that was the last wedding I will ever be able to shoot there. Starting at the beginning of 2018 they will be turning the venue into apartments. My parents had their reception there so I was really bummed when I heard that- but I am sure they will be beautiful regardless!

Anyway, downtown Aberdeen really does have some great spots for pictures. We took all of the shots within a couple blocks of the Ward. Taking them all in one area really does simplify things by eliminating transportation time and is way less hectic. So if you luck out and have a photogenic area by the ceremony or reception, take advantage of it!

Lon and Deardra decided to do a unity sand ceremony and included the cutie, Hayden. I thought that was a sweet way to incorporate the symbolism of their newly formed family. Whoever started the sand trend was a true genius 🙂

Throughout the day I was constantly catching the two love birds making eyes at each other. Not only was it pure gold for candid shots, but it was also adorable to see. Don’t you just love, love?!

Hearnens- I am so happy you found each other and couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store for your little family. Lots of love!


Hair- Aunt Tamra

Makeup- Audra Day Spa

Dress- Brides ‘N’ Belles– Aberdeen, SD

Florals- Keri Retzer & Marge Holland

Ceremony- Ward Plaza Crystal Ballroom- Aberdeen, SD

Reception- Ward Plaza Crystal Ballroom- Aberdeen, SD

Cake & Cupcakes- Mary B’s

DJ & Entertainment- Celebration Entertainment

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